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Routine inspection is critical in each and every part of your construction project. Inspections guarantee that works within a project progress as planned and are according to requirements, standards and regulations. Because running a construction site requires the coordination of people, materials and equipment, construction inspections are executed for a great number of purposes in every construction phase and throughout the entire project duration to ensure that things are progressing smoothly.

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Member of the Chartered Quality Institute

Chartered Quality Institute

Construction inspections are usually carried out as a contractual responsibility performed by the contractors to provide the client or a third party an independent view of the construction works and their progress. The usual construction inspections include the following activities:

Inspection of the construction process to make sure that all materials and procedures comply with the plan and specifications
Inspection and documentation of all contractor activities
Reporting of daily on-site inspections
Detailed inspections of the quality of installations if they comply to standards and specifications
Scrutinising drawings and specifications and discussing deviations and non-conformities
Keeping and maintaining inspection checklists and records in a complete, accurate, and orderly manner
Participation in project meetings
Monitoring the contractor’s schedule
Inspections of paints and coatings
Field testing and materials sampling of soils, concrete and asphalt, etc.
Review and completion of change order/s
Monitoring and documenting materials delivered and used in the construction works
Performing semi-final and final inspections upon building completion
Preparation of Snag list/s and monitoring of completion works
Handover inspection for smooth project close-out.

Building Thermal Imaging Surveys

The accuracy and sensitivity of high specification building thermal imaging cameras enables building thermography to be the best non-destructive testing method to assess the continuity of insulation, identify excessive thermal bridges and locate unintended air leakage paths within the fabric of a building. This could be vital in determining what exactly is wrong with the building quickly and efficiently, without creating prolonged ordeal for both the building contractor and building owner. The survey reports are very comprehensive providing excellent detail to thermal anomalies identified within the building, assisting efficient and effective remedial works to be undertaken that enables the building to perform to its designed specification.
Nationwide Inspection’s survey approaches and reporting structures have been developed following many years of meeting the requirements expected by Insurance Companies, Safety Auditors, Maintenance/Engineering Managers, Building Control and BREEAM Assessors etc.
By appointing Nationwide Inspections (London) Ltd to undertake a thermographic survey, you can be assured that the full benefits of thermography will be delivered in an efficient and professional manner at a highly competitive cost.

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Nationwide Inspections (London) Limited

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Most inspections are usually conducted but not limited to the construction phase. However, before you can inspect and start reporting on a project’s progress, specific inspections are carried out as part of the general contract administration process. These inspections may be part of:
Contract review and contract signing
Pre-contract meetings
Client onboarding

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Building thermography is the only non-intrusive way to locate missing insulation and thermal bridges within the fabric of a buildng. A survey can demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations, Support BREEAM Assessments, Identify Energy savings, Housing Stock Surveys.

Client Side Project Manager

Having renovation work or an extension built, we can act as an intermediate or Project Manager between yourself and the construction company, working with them to ensure a quality job and snag free finish every time.

Health and Safety Managers

We have a dedicated team of Proffessional Health and Safety Managers, who will help you manage your sites health and safety requirements.We can carry out 1 day a week or a full week on your site, Days, Nights and Weekends, we know all sites are not the same.

Clerk of Works

With qualified Clerk of works, from our network all around the UK we can offer you a service which you can rely on, With inspections in London and the home counties being completed same week, Others upto 7 days after booking.

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Nationwide Inspections (London) Limited

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Your construction project quality is managed by your quality management program that involves a quality control (QC) program and a quality assurance (QA) process. Quality control is managing and making sure that the requirements of the project quality are met according to specifications while quality assurance is defining the process and steps needed to be taken to ensure that those quality requirements are met.
Having rigorous inspection processes in your QC/QA management program are critical to deliver your project successfully. Additionally, your rigid QC/QA inspection system provides a useful guideline for managing the quality of work of your subcontractors.

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01 July 2019

University Hospital Lewisham

University Hospital Lewisham is an acute district general hospital run by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and serving the London Borough of Lewisham. It is now affiliated with King's College London and forms part of the King's Health Partners academic health science centre.

07 February 2019

Hard Rock Hotel, Oxford Street

Drawing on the legacy of the guests who stayed here in decades past – and an inspiration to those who are yet to write their own story – Hard Rock Hotel London at Oxford street stands alone as a haven for music lovers and cultural explorers everywhere. with an incredible memorabilia collection and original artwork in all areas.

07 February 2019

High Rise Construction

Sometimes to get the answers you need you just have to dig deeper. Whether it is simply to determine the size of reinforcement bars in a deck for a bridge assessment or a detailed structural investigation to enable a safe demolition, we can help. Combine a “can do, will do” attitude with extensive technical knowledge and there can be only one outcome; success.